Sam Berns – Philosophy for a happy life

This kid, with the big heart…

the individual one

At the tender age of just 17, Sam Berns seems to talk more sense than most adults these days. In this presentation he shares his philosophy for a happy life. It seems an incredibly simple philosophy when he breaks it down, but if it was that simple, wouldn’t we all be doing it already?! Interesting question to ponder…

Sam has a very rare aging disease known as Progeria, which as a result means he has a number of serious health issues, has very delicate build and weighs only 50 pounds. However, as he explains in the video, he does not focus on the things that his disease prevents him from doing or the difficulties that it can cause. Instead, he always sticks to his philosophy which enables him to focus on the things he can do, and when he goes through hard times, he always goes back to these…

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